Sempais' voices

We will introduce 4 SILS sempais so that newcomers can get to know more about the "uniqueness" of SILS!
We will update the members once in a week so don't miss it:)

・Study plan: SP1
・Studied abroad at: Université Paris Diderot (France)
・Club: 下駄っぱーず getappers
・Part-time job: 麺爺 (menji)
・Favorite SILS class: Introduction to Marketing (Mariko Morimoto)
・Message: Taking classes in English seems difficult when you just enter SILS. As your sempais, we are always welcome to help you! Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything you’re worried about 🥰


・Study plan: SP1
・Studied abroad at: Lund University (Sweden)
・Club: International Exchange Club
・Part-time job: Internship at a Japanese startup company
・Favorite SILS class: 1. Modern British History: STERENBERG, Matthew Kane 2. Historical Survey (Europe): STERENBERG, Matthew Kane 3. International Marketing: MORIMOTO, Mariko 4. The Pacific in the 21st Century World 51:DVORAK, Greg
・Message: SILS offers a lot of opportunities to broaden your curiosity and horizons, and an environment where you can learn what you get interested in. It is also possible to foster an understanding of diversity and an international mindset that will be required in the future when entering society. I hope you can enjoy your student life with your curiosity!

・Study plan: SP1
・Studied abroad at: National University of Singapore (Singapore)
・Club: WASEDA-SAI member staff
・Part-time job: Starbucks
・Favorite SILS class: Introduction to American Politics
・Message: At first, I was concerned about joining SILS without any foreign experiences, but after all, I enjoyed my life here, and I appreciate the unique experiences offered at SILS. I hope to answer questions about taking English classes, study-abroad, making friends, or anything else!

・Study plan: SP1
・Planning to study abroad at: Leiden University (The Netherlands)
・Club: N/A
・Part-time job: Restaurant, after-school care, baby-sitter/private tutor
・Favorite SILS class: Intermediate seminar (prof. Dvorak)
・Message: Uni life flies by so fast, so my advice is to do all the things that come to your mind! Study hard, play hard and have fun!!